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TIMM 8th (2017)
Title Author Year No. Poster
Epidemiology and mortality of fungemia in the Netherlands: basis of a nationwide survey C. Oliveira Dos Santos1; G. A. Kampinga2; P. E. Verweij1 2017 P168
Visualization of fungi with Fungiflora Y in histopathologic sections 20 years after the original staining M. Kimura 2017 P091
Invasive pulmonary infections in lung transplant recipients C. Geltner1; C. Lass Floerl2 2017 S02.1
Abdominal organs involvement in patients with invasive aspergillosis O. V. Shadrivova1; M. A. Shevyakov1; E. A. Desyatik1; S. M. Ignatyeva1; I. S. Zjuzgin2; O. S. Uspenskaya3; T. V. Terskova3; M. O. Popova4; A. G. Volkova4; L. S. Zubarovskaya4; B. V. Afanasyev4; N. N. Klimko1 2017 P214
Eechinocandin-resistance Candida tropicalis and Candida glabrata in China Z. Y. Liu; M. X. Xiao 2017 P010
Aspergillosis outbreak in pediatric hematology and oncology ward after construction works in the same building G. Z. Milosevic1; J. Lazic1; P. Rodic1; L. Dokmanovic1; N. Krstovski1; V. Arsic Arsenijevic2; D. Janic1 2017 P277
Susceptibility of emerging Candida auris isolates to the novel inhaled triazoles PC945/ PC1244 S. M. Shivaprakash1; M. Dhaliwal1; H. Kaur1; P. Strong2; G. Rapeport2; K. Ito2; A. Chakrabarti3 2017 P310
Clinical usefulness of different BAL fractions—a multi-centre approach J. U. Springer1; J. Kessel2; D. Teschner3; O. Cornely4; S. Schwartz5; W. J. Heinz6; H. Einsele6; V. Rickerts7; J. Löffler6; L. White8 2017 P117
Longitudinal follow-up of Aspergillus colonization and sensitization in COPD patients: relationship with domestic mold exposure E. Frealle1; G. Reboux2; O. Le Rouzic1; N. Bautin1; M. C. Willemin1; J. Delourme1; B. Sendid1; P. Gosset3; S. Nseir1; S. Fry1 2017 S08.9
Aspergillus diseases in cystic fibrosis patients: Results of prospective multicenter study Y. V. Borzova1; Y. I. Kozlova1; O. V. Aak1; T. S. Bogomolova1; S. M. Ignateva1; I. E. Suslova1; T. A. Stepanenko2; T. A. Filippova2; F. V. Orlov3; S. A. Krasovskiy4; N. V. Vasilyeva1; N. N. Klimko1 2017 P230
Experimental evolution of Candida Albicans in the presence of increasing concentrations of fluconazole I. Arrieta-Aguirre; P. Menéndez-Manjón; I. Fernández de Larrinoa; M. D. Moragues 2017 P035
Tandem repeat azole resistance mechanism (TR120) in the promotor of Aspergillus fumigatus CYP51A presumably derived in vivo R. K. Hare1; J. B. Gertsen2; K. M. T. Astvad1; K. B. Degn2; A. L. Ottesen2; L. Kristensen2; M. C. Arendrup1 2017 P029
Rapid identification of fungi by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry using the VITEK® MS platform V. Monnin; S. Polsinelli; D. Jacob; M.-C. Saccomani; D. Pincus; V. Girard 2017 M02a
Delivering comprehensive fungal education program to health-workers in low and middle income countries globally F. Bongomin1; K. Kariuki1; J. Bartholomew1; A. Alastruey- Izquierdo2; F. Lamoth3; A. Loyse4; J. L. Rodriguez-Tudela5; D. Denning1 2017 P181
IDWeek 2017
Title Author Year No. Poster
Studies of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Mutants Indicate Pyoverdine as the Central Factor in Inhibition of Aspergillus fumigatus Biofilm Gabriele Sass, PhD Hasan Nazik, PhD John Penner, MD Hemi Shah, BS Karl V Clemons, PhD Marie-Christine Groleau, MSc Eric Déziel, PhD David A Stevens, MD, FIDSA 2017
Development of a Clinically Relevant Murine Model of Fungal (Aspergillus) Endophthalmitis Neha Gupta, BS Pawan Kumar Singh, PhD Sanjay G Revankar, MD Pranatharthi H Chandrasekar, MD Ashok Kumar, PhD 2017
Phase 1 Study to Assess Safety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetics of Single and Multiple Oral Doses of APX001 and to Investigate the Effect of Food on APX001 Bioavailability Michael R Hodges, MBBS, BSc Eric Ople, BSc Karen J Shaw, PhD Robert Mansbach, PhD Sjoerd P Van Marle, MD Ewoud-Jan Van Hoogdalem, PharmD PhD William Kramer, PhD Pamela Wedel, BSc 2017
ECCMID 27th (2017)
Title Author Year No. Poster
Characterization of clinical isolates of Aspergillus terreus in Korean hospitals: antifungal susceptibilities, genetic relatedness and virulence in a Galleria mellonella model Eun Jeong Won* 1, Min Ji Choi 1, Seung A Byun 1, Soo Hyun Kim 2, Sook-Jin Jang 3, Jong Hee Shin 4. 2017 P1769
Antifungal resistance in Spain: epidemiological survey in 10 hospitals (FILPOP2 STUDY) Ana Alastruey-Izquierdo*1, Laura Alcazar-Fuoli 2, Olga Rivero-Menéndez 2, Marisol Zapico Gonzalez 3, Josefina Ayats 4, J. Garcia-Rodriguez 5, Maite Martin 6, E. Martín-Mazuelos 7, Teresa Pelaez Garcia 8, Javier Pemán 9, Antonio Rezusta 10, Susana Rojo 11, Rocío Tejero- García 12, Manuel Cuenca-Estrella 13. 2017 P1751
AspID - a multiplex qPCR kit for the detection of clinically relevant Aspergillus species Gemma Johnson*1, Sara Kirvell 2, Stephen Bustin 2. 2017 P1472
Airborne Aspergillus fumigatus spore load during demolition of a building on a hospital area Linda Wirmann*1, Birgit Ross 2, Olaf Reimann 1, Joerg Steinmann 3, Peter-Michael Rath 4. 2017 P0632
Low rates of voriconazole resistance and absence of cyp51A mutations among A. fumigatus recovered from lung transplant recipients receiving prophylaxis Don Nguyen 1, Cornelius Clancy 1, Shaoji Cheng 1, Minh-Hong Nguyen*2. 2017 P1782
Empiric piperacillin-tazobactam versus carbapenem in febrile neutropenia : increased incidence of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis Louis Yi Ann Chai*1 2017 P1694
Unveiling the mechanistic basis underlying Aspergillus fumigatus 5-flucytosine resistance Fabio Gsaller*, Takanori Furukawa, Paul D Carr, Michael J Bromley. 2017 OS0739 Unveiling the mechanistic basis underlying Aspergillus fumigatus’ 5-flucytosine resistance
ASM Microbe 2nd (2017)
Title Author Year No. Poster
NP339: A Novel Antifungal PeptideSolution to the Fungal Resistance Threat L. Katvars, L. Simpson, V. Duncan, D. Smith, D. O'Neil 2017 62