Itraconazole in opportunistic mycoses: cryptococcosis and aspergillosis.


Denning DW, Tucker RM, Hanson LH, Stevens DA.
J Am Acad Dermatol. 1990 Sep;23(3 Pt 2):602-7.


Striking results were obtained with oral itraconazole therapy in two opportunistic mycoses. Of 28 patients with cryptococcal meningitis, 18 achieved complete responses, including 16 of 24 patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Other manifestations of cryptococcosis were similarly responsive. In aspergillosis 12 of 15 patients responded, including 8 of 10 immunocompromised hosts. These patients included those with invasive pulmonary disease (4/5), skeletal disease (2/2), pleural disease (1/2), and pericardial, sinus, mastoid, hepatosplenic, or nail disease (1/1). These results with itraconazole compare favorably to conventional (parenteral) therapy, and toxicity was minimal. This suggests that comparative trials are now in order.