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Nail infection by Aspergillus ochraceopetaliformis. Brasch J, Varga J, Jensen JM, Egberts F, Tintelnot K. 2009
Intrabronchial Voriconazole is a Safe and Effective Measure for Hemoptysis Control in Pulmonary Aspergilloma. Mohan A, Tiwari P, Madan K, Hadda V, Poulose R, Bhalla AS, Khandelwal R, Khilnani GC, Guleria R. 2017
Comparison of premortem clinical diagnoses in critically iII patients and subsequent autopsy findings. Roosen J, Frans E, Wilmer A, Knockaert DC, Bobbaers H. 2000
Cavitary pulmonary disease Gadkowski LB, Stout JE.
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The Radiologic Spectrum of Pulmonary Aspergillus Infections Michael B. Gotway, Samuel K. Dawn, Elaine M. Caoili, Gautham P. Reddy, Philip A. Araoz, and W. Richard Webb 2002
Aspergillus wound infection following laparostomy. Carlson GL1, Mughal MM, Birch M, Denning DW. 1996
Phthalates biodegradation in the environment. Liang DW, Zhang T, Fang HH, He J. 2008
The association between asthma and allergic symptoms in children and phthalates in house dust: a nested case-control study. Bornehag CG, Sundell J, Weschler CJ, Sigsgaard T, Lundgren B, Hasselgren M, Hägerhed-Engman L. 2004
Bio-Source of di-n-butyl phthalate production by filamentous fungi Congkui Tian, Jinren Ni, Fang Chang, Sitong Liu, Nan Xu, Weiling Sun, Yuan Xie, Yongzhao Guo, Yanrong Ma, Zhenxing Yang, Chenyuan Dang, Yuefei Huang, Zhexian Tian, and Yiping Wang 2016


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