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​The first ​Fungal Disease Awareness Week is running from 14-18th August 2017

The week of events is intended to highlight the importance of recognizing serious fungal diseases early enough in the course of a patient’s illness to provide life-saving treatment. Some fungal diseases go undiagnosed and cause serious infections, leading to illness and death. Increased awareness about fungal diseases is one of the most important ways we can improve early recognition and reduce delays in diagnosis and treatment. A key clue to when a sick person may have a fungal infection is that he or she is being treated with medications for other types of infection but does not get better.

We encourage healthcare providers and their patients to “Think Fungus” when symptoms of infection do not get better with treatment.

The Fungal Infection trust is supporting this event with a series of articles published each day on the FIT website which describe different everyday scenario's that can expose people to a higher risk of getting a serious fungal infection or allergic reaction.


The Aspergillus Website is a worldwide comprehensive resource providing detailed information about the fungus Aspergillus and the diseases it can cause, these are usually called aspergillosis.This site is free to use and provides an encyclopaedia of Aspergillus for doctors, scientists, patients and their relatives. Some parts of the site require free registration, for example the image bank.
The Aspergillus Website is governed by the Fungal Infection Trust in partnership with the University of Manchester. It has an independent Editorial Board. It is supported by educational grants from the UK National Health Service and some commercial supporters.

What is Aspergillus?

Aspergillus is a fungus whose spores are present in the air we breathe, but does not normally cause illness. In those people with a weakened immune system, damaged lungs or with allergies, Aspergillus can cause disease. Common Aspergillus infections include invasive aspergillosis, ABPA CPA and aspergilloma. See images below.

Aspergillosis is a group of diseases which can result from aspergillus infection and includes invasive aspergillosis, ABPA CPA and aspergilloma. Asthma is also complicated and exacerbated by aspergillus infection (SAFS). Aspergillus affects humans and birds and animals can also develop aspergillosis, commercially many plant diseases and food spoilage may be due to aspergillus infection. Visit LIFE-Worldwide for detailed information on other types of fungal infections such as cryptococcus, candida and many others.

Aspergillus in the air

Sources of high numbers of Aspergillus spores include air conditioning units, composting and damp or flood damaged housing & hospital building projects.